The inglenook fireplace, which the builder Rich and his men discovered yesterday behind a gas fire and drywall, was filled with soot, soil, ash, bricks, and tree roots–a real mess.


And then, while I was clearing out the soil outside the house, I came across an unwelcome surprise.


I had dug down about a foot when I saw what looked like holes in the wall.

IMG_0890.jpgSo I went around to the sitting room, looked at the inglenook, and was horrified to see daylight coming through several holes between the stones.  This was the reason there was soil and tree roots in the house!


I cleared out the dirt and roots, and discovered that the stones around the back of the inglenook were extremely precarious and were actually resting on slivers of stone no more than an inch or two wide.IMG_0839.jpg

This mean that the entire back of the inglenook fireplace had to be completely rebuilt.  Yet another unanticipated job for Rich and his crew.