And then, one morning, I click on my site, and I see this.

“A rare opportunity to acquire this stone built three bedroomed former farmhouse with workshop and two storey barn offering superb development potential . . . 



Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 5.26.22 PM

My heart starts to pound so hard I feel blood pulsing in my neck.

Rare opportunity.

                              Stone built former farmhouse.  

                                                                                       Two storey barn.

                                            For sale by public auction.

             FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION!!!!! 

Everything I’ve been looking for, that perhaps I can afford!

I don’t give a rip about any “superb development potential.”  Or the condition of the cottage.

Whatever’s wrong with it, I can get fixed.

This stone built farmhouse with a barn could be everything I’ve been looking for during the past twelve years!